English: City of Patna, on the River Ganges, 1...
 City of Patna, on the River Ganges, 19th century. BuysellrentPatna.


Redevelopment in real estate is more challenging than development; it is more so, if the city is as old as Patna, the erstwhile Patliputra established by Ajatshastru around 300 BC. The density of population being on the higher side in our city Patna and land being scarce, redevelopment in Patna would need out of box ingenious thinking. To make Patna regain its lost glory there is no alternative to redevelopment in Patna. The neglect that urban real estate in Patna suffered, since the independence of our country, makes this inevitable, the sooner the better. Redevelopment in some sense is like renovation, there is challenge and outcome of the effort is uncertain. As a method of urban modernization of Patna, redevelopment of Patna would involve relocating businesses and people. More significantly redevelopment in Patna must produce tangible economic benefits to all the parties involved so that the trouble and cost of redevelopment is justified.

If planned and implemented correctly, redevelopment in Patna can be an economic engine of growth of Bihar that shall provide additional and better quality affordable housing in Patna, help in boosting property values, create jobs, expand business opportunities, eliminate urban decay and improve infrastructure. No doubt that our city Patna desperately needs all these. Other potential benefits of redevelopment in Patna would be reduced urban sprawl, improved economic competitiveness of Patna city’s centre and better opportunities for safety and surveillance.

If carried out in a non-consultative manner, which is the current scenario in Patna according to our (BuysellrentPatna) survey, redevelopment can result in an excess of high rises (every neighborhood is getting filled with G+3 or G+4 type of buildings; mushrooming all around) that compromise existing infrastructure, reduce the possibility of new infrastructure and increase the density of population in a location. In order to be genuinely democratic, the process of redevelopment must be consultative at all levels. It should enable local citizens to have greater control and ownership of the direction of their community.

Community participation, sustainability and trust are important watchwords. The State Government and its agencies related to urbanization in Patna must act as advocate and ‘enabler’, rather than as an agency that enforces command and control. Yes, the onus lies therefore on the leadership.

Finally, redevelopment in Patna should not be only about improving existing structures. There should also be a focus on incorporating of historic structures into new and rehabilitated development of Patna. The historical importance of city like Patna need not be undermined at any cost. In cities like Patna, it is important to preserve and enhance cultural, historical and community assets. The cultural fabric of the community must not be compromised. Therefore the challenge gets enhanced but it is doable.

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