There are several good reasons why your children should be a major factor to consider while buying a home in Patna. It is no secret that everything that transpires within a family is directly or indirectly concerned with its children. The psychology involved in this dynamic is quite interesting to some extent or the other; we do base our sense of personal worth on what we can offer our children.


This is why we strive to provide them with everything we possibly can, good clothes, the latest and largest toys, a good school, and so on. Providing them with a good home is a natural extension of this. In fact, even young couples who do not yet have children will still consider this as an important factor while choosing a residential property in Patna.


Fortunately, residential property in Patna tends to more than meet the needs of parents who are determined to see that their kids grow up in a suitable environment. This can certainly not be said for homes of comparable size and price in some of the other cities in Bihar. Despite the massive Patna residential real estate boom, most developers in this city continue to honour the larger needs of the family by providing appropriate amenities and facilities.


Keeping the needs of children firmly in mind, listed below are some of the aspects that should be taken into account while choosing a residential property in Patna:


Access to Good Schools


Access to the best possible schools is of great importance. Even if a residential project delivers on every other point on one’s wish-list, it will fall short if it does offer convenient access to at least a couple of good schools nearby it in Patna.


Reliable Public Transport


Apart from the obvious need of adults to have convenient access to their places of work, means of getting children to and from school is obviously important. Even though many schools offer buses, this is by no means a fail-safe system – and it not always feasible for parents themselves to drop their children off at school and pick them up again afterwards. While choosing a home in Patna, one therefore needs to ensure that suitable public transport is available for their children from home to school in Patna.


Means To Keep Children Safely Occupied


It is a fact that most residential developers’ brochures in Patna make emphatic mention of children’s parks and playgrounds. However, depending on the age of your children, you should also look for crèches, play schools and day-care facilities near to the project in Patna.


Also remember that children need green open spaces, both for their health and as a means to expend their excess energies in safe and convivial surroundings.


While checking out the project`s clubhouse, ensure that it offers enough entertaining activities for your children. If the residential project in Patna offers a swimming pool, be sure to ascertain that there are enough safety measures such as shallow zone, a wading pool and non-slip tiles around the circumference.


Safety Beyond The Obvious


In a city where frequent power-cuts are more or less a norm, the need for electricity backup cannot be over-emphasized – both in common areas and within the units themselves. This is not only because children are inherently more accident prone than adults. A prospective buyer in Patna must be satisfied that the lifts in the building as well as lighting within the home and in key common areas such as hallways and stair wells have 24/7 power backup.


It is also important to verify whether there is a properly equipped hospital with an emergency room in the vicinity. Other factors to consider in this respect are the security features provided in the project in Patna and the inherent safety of the neighborhood itself.


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