Builders in Patna could offer senior citizens new apartments for old

Buy Sell Rent Patna
Buy Sell Rent Patna

It’s commonplace to exchange old utensils, gold jewelry or cars for new. But ever heard of a builder coming up with an exchange offer that translates into: You take my new flat; in exchange of your old one!!!

It could be a trendsetter, if any builder in Patna offers an apartment exchange scheme exclusively to senior citizens. For them, the builder can reserve the ground and first floors. The builder in Patna can tie up with realty consultants to guide elderly customers through the nitty-gritty of the transaction, including evaluating the worth of their old apartments and conducting due diligence in a transparent way.  Senior-citizen-friendly apartments could also be launched within an integrated township.


Senior citizens quite often feel out-of-place in the din of city life in Patna. They would have put up with hardships for decades, for the sake of their children’s education. In retired life, instead of living alone, feeling insecure and coping with daily challenges in managing the household, builders in Patna could invite them to gated community that provides a secure environment. They will not be neglected or left alone, but will form part of a vibrant community, including children. As an add-on, builders in Patna could offer to organize even the housekeeping. All the apartments reserved for senior citizens need to overlook a vast stretch of landscape and a garden. Builders in Patna can add a number of elder-friendly features such as anti-skid flooring, ramp, stretcher lifts and grab bars in toilets.


Since senior citizens are not eligible for home loans to buy a dream house, they often have to liquidate other assets. Hence, builders in Patna can think to come up with an offer to buy their old flats. They can refurbish and sell them. That apart, if people want to sell their flats directly to end-customers, realty consultants will guide them through the process. In the case of people owning independent houses or plots, builders could offer a joint venture development plan.


English: A "playground" for senior c...
 A “playground” for senior citizens



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