Real estate in Patna goes hi tech


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Home buyers and builders can now heave a sigh of relief in Patna; they can cut costs and compete in the real estate market in Patna by using appropriate software.

With the burgeoning building activity in Patna’s real estate sector, architects and construction companies have found that the use of software technology, offering a range of monitoring tools, helps cut costs, maintain schedules and improves their competitiveness in the real estate market in Patna. The software really eases Project management.


Contractors and developers in Patna often face difficulty in managing the flow of cash and transfers between projects. The communication gap between the architects, designers and clients add to their woes. But software solutions can smoothen the transparency and accountability hiccups faced by the contractors and developers in Patna. The communication and process management tools offered centralizes day-to-day workings and delivers information real-time.

The enterprise resource planning tool to track the cash flow process is a case in point. It ensures that the construction fee is separated from the estimated amount and contractor’s fee. This way, cash flow for contractors’ personnel is not stretched and regular payments are possible.

For money transfer and management, the developers in Patna can use technology that prevents any mix-up between projects. The contractor or developers in Patna does not have to learn or work on the software as this is done by professionals at the back-end.

Real estate in Patna is booming and has evolved. There is competition and demand to deliver the projects on time. Things were very difficult 10 years back; conceptual up gradation was lacking in Patna. But today, builders in Patna have platforms where everything can be done under one roof.

In the capital-intensive traditional model, builders and developers invest money upfront in software, hardware, consulting and training. However, with the Software aided models, the builder and developer pays on an ongoing basis. The amounts are smaller and in easy-to-absorb portions making it a revenue expenditure model. Further, since the entire solution is hosted at a central data center and accessible over the net, the developers in Patna need not invest in hiring, training and retention of expensive techies.

Today, one can’t work without IT in real estate market in Patna. Builders and developers are importing software from US and UK; software that tells how much steel and cement is required even is available in the real estate market!!

Many builders and developers in Patna depend on integrated ERP system to keep a tab on sales, accounts and stocks. Complex processes with enormous paperwork increases the potential of delay in deliverable.


One of the greatest benefits of IT is enforcing queue in the system. Thus, deliverable move up or down in the queue based on priority and time lines. Digitization enables organizations to implement rules and bring in accountability and transparency.

For instance, if an invoice is not processed within a certain time, the system can automatically trigger a notification. Necessary and corrective action can be taken. Being transparent and accountable with IT, enables organizations to be open and clear policies and ensure that information is clear and accurate.

Developers in Patna have many time bound schedule to meet the expectations of the end customer. IT brings in the necessary competitive advantage into the construction industry in Patna.

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