How infrastructure is crucial for real estate Patna.

Buy Sell Rent Patna
Buy Sell Rent Patna

We keep hearing ‘infrastructure bottleneck’ quite frequently in the real estate sector Patna. This is after our state Bihar is growing at 12% currently; the fastest in our country. Therefore one can smell more opportunities if Bihar executes it plan well.

To most of us, infrastructure mostly refers to adequate roads and flyovers in Patna, it seems. Infrastructure is a lot more than mere roads and flyovers. It is the backbone on which towns and cities are planned and built. It covers road connectivity, rail network (both metro and mono rail), public transportation, hospitals, adequate number of schools and colleges, water supply, electricity, telecom,  a proper market yard and retail outlets, properly demarcated industrial or office areas and a good airport. Now if we include all this, our city Patna has a long way to go.

Patna is already creaking with the load of population. We need to plan and execute better to be able to sustain growth in Patna and even plan newer cities in Bihar. Since independence in 1947 Bihar has not got a single new city!!!  Where are the Bihari town planners!!!! The genesis of good infrastructure starts with planning early, much like the British did in building new cities and connecting them. The planning has to keep a 30 year time frame to ensure that bottlenecks do not happen a few years down the line. Let us plan cities in Bihar.

If we look at one of the finest pieces of road infrastructure being carried out currently in India, it is the Yamuna Expressway connecting Greater Noida to Agra in India. This is a 165-km long 6-lane stretch. What is impressive is the road connectivity and planning outside of this expressway. Now imagine being able to build a rapid train system between and through this stretch, with feeder roads to such entry and exit train points. Can we replicate it in Patna? Can we connect Bodh Gaya and Patna, similarly?  Bodh Gaya is an international tourist destination as Agra and it is nearer to Patna than Agra to Noida.

Let us take another example, Pune. The growth of Pune, can be very much attributed to these reasons — First, proximity to Mumbai and second, an expressway connecting the two cities, third, a large number of educational institutions in the city and fourth, the upcoming IT industry in Pune. The city has always been a vibrant education hub, therefore, the availability of skilled and knowledgeable workforce. Can Patna replicate Pune?

There is no reason why such model cannot be planned and built around Patna. Only then will we see steady growth and sustainability in the real estate sector and the related economy in Patna and Bihar.

Affordable Housing Patna
Affordable Housing Patna


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