Housing in Patna is correlated to its Economic status.

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Buy Sell Rent Patna



The housing sector is closely linked with the economy and the overall social health of the population of a city like Patna. Housing in Patna is one of the basic needs of Patnaites in addition to being one of the key growth drivers of the economy of Bihar. Apart from its contribution to SGDP, construction of housing in Patna increases the civil welfare of our society by improving the social capital of Patna. Rapid urbanization alone cannot provide a holistic environment to Patna’s population if the housing in Patna fails to grow in an organized way putting a greater stress on housing formats like housing co-operatives, self sustainable communities, eco-villages and community living.


With urbanization at its core, organized housing in Patna is a means through which balanced development can be achieved as it has a substantial impact on other parameters like employment, standard of living, education and political scenario. The pace and degree of urbanization cannot be predicted; however, urban planning and housing in rapidly growing Patna is a major game changer, mainly for states like Bihar.


Planned communities or towns like Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore are some examples of economies where industrialization was balanced with urban development measures that transformed the landscape, created more job opportunities and led to economic growth. In the case of Hong Kong, a city with land shortage, the provision of housing for resident through the development of skyscrapers has increased its economic capital due to improvements in living conditions and the growth in facilities required for community living like shopping centers, malls, schools, hospitals, etc. Patna naturally can learn from such examples and develop a holistic vision for the housing requirements of its citizens.

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