We just do not care!! We are Biharis….. How long we will continue with the same mind set. We need to learn accountability and responsibility. Really two big words; which we are not at all aware. Gandhi Maidan is the centrally located field which can manifest the beauty of the state capital many a times but it comes to news only for RAVANA reasons. Gol  Ghar another pride of Patna at a stone throw away distance from Gandhi Maidan is another story of neglect.

We cannot preserve or better say maintain our present proud to be STRUCTURES. To add to the woes we get on to build NEW STRUCTURES. An example is the NEW MUSEUM besides High Court on Bailey Road. Just imagine how many old, beautiful structures would have got LIFE if the same money was diverted to re- establish their last glory. We are not against building NEW Structures, contrarily, we favor them but the question is at what cost.

A similar example is the NEW NALANDA UNIVERSITY, which is getting started in remembrance of the older Nalanda University of international fame. Good that we are planning to build a NEW one but what about all the universities which are ailing in the state from last so many decades.  Elementary education is suffering all over the state, and we are building a university for international students? The University of International Standards

Real estate Patna
Real estate Patna

is good but what about other education standards in the state. Remember we spend the more than 20% of funds on education in our budget.

The woes are listless in my state and one single window for all these woes is that all the departments of the state is SPENDING departments and not a single one an EARNING department. Here we need to learn the two words accountability and responsibility.

If we are building a NEW MUSEUM at a certain cost; how much revenue will it fetch for us, when will we break even and where will be the revenues earned from it utilized apart from the maintenance of the premise from where we are earning. Will the revenues be used to maintain and update other historical monuments in Patna? Is the financial accountability and responsibility assigned? Unfortunately the answer remains; NO. This is an example. All of us can make a long list.

The two words; ACCOUNTABILITY & RESPONSIBILITY should form the base of all activities; profitable or non-profitable; in the state. These two keywords can only optimize the engine of our state; Bihar.

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