Patna Master Plan

Each household in Patna district has 6 members on average. Patna district has a population of 60 lakhs and about 10 lakhs houses. The density of population is almost 1900 per sq km. The decadal growth rate would be around 20%. Patna master plan for 2031 is therefore to accommodate and facilitate the living of 85 lakhs people at present rate of growth of Patna district. More prudent planning will be for 1 crore as the speed of urbanization in Bihar would increase in coming decades. Patna will be the epicenter of this urbanization.

A smart city of 10 million people!!! Any town planner would need really to think out of box to transform an extended village into a smart city of 10 million people in 16 years. The town planners can remind themselves of Singapore converted from a village to an exemplary city in just two decades. Is it possible in Patna…… Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. What Patna requires is a PIED PIPER. Remember; the story of PIED PIPER of Hamelin which we read as a child.

Buy Sell Rent Patna
Buy Sell Rent Patna

Patna real estate needs PIED which symbolizes Planning, Ideas, Execution & Destination. The Piper stands for a leader focused on world class urbanization of Patna. Urbanization in Patna needs a team which can think 360 degree and is visionary enough to foresee the coming decades of urbanization in Patna. The present lot of planners and executioners are a SORRY lot to say the least.

Though Patna real estate is waiting to see the Patna Master Plan in its final form, one thing is sure there will be nothing “master” about that master plan of Patna. Patna’s real estate waiting for the PIED PIPER will continue…….

Property Patna
Property Patna

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