What makes a locality get started in Patna ?

What distinguishes a great neighbourhood from the merely liveable areas in Patna? It’s a challenging question, encompassing everything from physical attributes such as good design to the right number of parks and public gathering places. Is it a charming Main Street, good schools or an abundance of interesting shops, restaurants and other diversions? What elements combine to create great neighbourhood in Patna real estate?

People and place

Surprisingly, its people not builders and developers in Patna, who create the next loving place in Patna. It’s always a bunch of individuals coming in who think the potential for their community is bigger who take the first step to start the development in an area in Patna. While you go to see land parcels to purchase in so called upcoming localities of ever expanding Patna, do you notice those houses built in those areas, they look lonely, distant from crowd but they are the ones who invite people to come and build the new locality in Patna. They give the visitors this feeling that something has happened there and others too start to do little things that collectively add up to a big new locality in Patna.

These “castaway houses” give a signal that something is going on here. Pretty soon other people join, revitalisation is born. “People attract people,”  so when businesses triangulate in one place, such as a theater, bookstore and art gallery, they give people reason to stick around. These are the places you take friends and family when you want to show them the neighbourhood.

Location and Infrastructure

Of course, few people are going to settle in a neighbourhood if it doesn’t have access to jobs and daily needs. The places that have the most value and that blooms first are those closest to, or have access to, high-paying jobs and amenities like school and hospitals. They develop the fastest and the farthest. 

Indeed, access to good public transportation can turn any location in Patna into hot new areas in demand. An example is Nahar Road along the canal dividing Danapur and Patna. No doubt the prices of flats in Patna are better on average if the flats are within a kilometre of public transportation or main road in Patna. Residents in those areas had better access to jobs and lower transportation costs, leaving them with more money to enjoy local amenities like malls, restaurants etc. An example is  flat in Gola Road in Patna.

Let’s not forget schools

By and large, the highest-value for flats in Patna are found in school areas of very high quality, and those with access to high-paying jobs. These areas are the blue-chip stocks of Patna real estate, even for people without kids, because they attract people with higher levels of education, who tend to be more active in preserving community value. In fact in Patna real estate it is said “Just follow the Schools”.

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