Bihta Sarmera Four Lane :- Redefining Patna Real Estate

Infrastructure is what Patna real estate asks for……

Patna Real Estate
The dawn of Patna Real estate.

Will Bihta Sarmera four lane which also makes a substantial part of Patna Ring road, prove to be the game changer, Patna real estate has been waiting for? Why do we say so……. The reasons are many. It is not only the particular road but the developments occurring all around it and the way it is going to connect these developments and give rise to new quality conscious modern real estate in Patna be it residential or commercial real estate. We Biharis have admired and even invested in real estate all around the world and particularly in metros of our country including Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad. The integrated townships with all amenities bestowed within them have attracted Biharis to buy property outside Bihar as their livelihoods too were confined in these cities. Will that change in this third decade of 21st century and will Bihta-Sarmera 4 lane be its flag bearer.

Bairiya Bus Stand
New Bus Stand Patna

A new modern BUS STAND at Bairiya(Sampatchak) has started functioning in Patna, though its not complete yet( while writing the post) But Patnaites now will board bus from Bariya Bus stand and not Mithapur. The developments; residential, commercial and transitory will take place around Bariya or we better say Sampatchak. With the announcement of infra projects the real estate activities begin in that particular region. But seeing is believing for the majority of us and therefore the sprint takes place when the people of Patna can see the development themselves. This modern Bus stand with all modern amenities is almost 15 kms from Patna railway Station and almost 22 kms from upcoming Patna International Airport at Bihta. The best part is that the railway station and the airport are on opposite sides of the new bus stand at Bairiya. The area from railway station to the new bus-stand is already developed and part of the present city. Therefore the real estate game will be played from Sampatchak-Beldarichak-Naubatpur- Kanhauli-Bihta-Bela-Shivala-Danapur. Yes, these are the posts around which the modern real estate of Patna will unveil itself in the present decade.

Get it right; the game started in the early days of second decade of the present century with the announcement of these projects on the outskirts of Patna. IIT Patna in Bihta and AIIMS Patna in Phulwarisharif are two examples of successful completions in the last decade. These two institutions too are the real estate posts where land buying occurred aggressively by investors in last decade. But the posts will now get connected in the present decade and the end users too will enter the market after a long lull. No doubt there will be innumerable stories that will be made. All the announced infra projects are delayed as usual and would be completed in this decade rather than in the last.

Connectivity and Institutions will be flag bearers.

Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Bus Stands, Airports and the wide road connecting them will change the pace of real estate development in Patna. When you drop down at modern bus stand or arrive at an international airport, and see institutions like IIT Patna and AIIMS Patna spread in acres with modern facilities; suddenly your view about your flat or the land you are buying changes; you compare and will not settle for less even in Patna now. When these roads and metro make it possible for you to reach Patna from Bihta in just 30 minutes, your real estate dreams get wings and the development speed up and you buy land in Sampatchak or you buy land in Shivala and other upcoming avenues to build your house in Patna. In modern times Institutions are not only connected by roads and metros but virtually too by internet where the info highway escalates the process further. The digital penetration will amplify transactions in these new developing areas of Patna because more people would know about these developments in shorter span of time .

All the districts surrounding Patna district will be connected to Patna through the same connectivity as different parts of Patna will be connected to each other. The expansion of Patna will be beyond our imagination.

Have you heard of Dighwara. It is in Chhapra district. But Patna ring road touches or crosses Dighwara and it will be only 40 minutes from Gandhi Maidan in times to come once the Patna ring road project is completed. The similar case is Vidhupur in Vaishali district. And there are more such names. Therefore if someone tells you that what happened to Gurgaon( Delhi- NCR) will happen again in Bihta, listen carefully because it is going to be the case with the only difference that Gurgaon is water starved and Bihta has rivers all around it. Or if you stay in Hyderabad what happened to financial district or Cyberabad will be happening in Bihta Patna and other parts like Naubatpur, Beldarichak, Sampatchak and few more. And mind you, though they are being planned as highways in times to come they will serve as internal roads of Patna and new highways would be required for Patna.

Industrialisation and Employment

The other encouraging aspect is the focus on creating employment in our state Bihar. If this starts showing results in the present decade ; the real estate development of Patna will speed up many times. Because then the real estate will attract not only Biharis but outsiders too. The last two decades belonged to Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Pune, Kochi and Hyderabad; will the next two decades (20s and 30s) belong to Patna along with others. Quite possible. With labour, electricity, roads and most important water available in Bihar, it is not a prophecy that sooner than later capital from all round the world will chase Bihar. Yes by default because to sustain growth and keep the costs under control they will be required to get in Bihar and the story of “MAGADH” will unfold again, the starting point being the present decade of 21st century; therefore book your seats right now.


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Land for sale in Patna

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