Sky is the limit :- Patna.

While more FSI will mean more skyscrapers, not everyone is optimistic about this prospective move. Urban planners and housing experts are of the opinion that this move will only put further strain on Patna’s already crumbling infrastructure. If cities are to reap the benefits of more FSI, they must put an integrated urban infrastructure plan in place. Ample attention should also be paid to the neighbourhood plan of any new construction. This includes approach road, parking space, recreational area and the likes. The neighbourhood layout should be in consonance with the structure being constructed. Only then will vertical growth be accompanied by holistic development of cities. … More Sky is the limit :- Patna.

Patna Master Plan

Each household in Patna district has 6 members on average. Patna district has a population of 60 lakhs and about 10 lakhs houses. The density of population is almost 1900 per sq km. The decadal growth rate would be around 20%. Patna master plan for 2031 is therefore to accommodate and facilitate the living of … More Patna Master Plan


We just do not care!! We are Biharis….. How long we will continue with the same mind set. We need to learn accountability and responsibility. Really two big words; which we are not at all aware. Gandhi Maidan is the centrally located field which can manifest the beauty of the state capital many a times … More We DON’T CARE

Patna Property: How to make it into High investment potential

    Patna has been developing rapidly over last ten years. Now, is the right time to change gears and make this development rapid and world class? To bring Patna back to world stage Patna needs to become now a new center of industries, commerce, administration, education, production, marketing and IT.  Can we do it? … More Patna Property: How to make it into High investment potential

How to put affordable housing In Patna in the fast lane

  There is a severe shortage of housing in Bihar, especially in the affordable housing category. This prevents millions of Biharis to own even a modest dwelling. As per the report of the Technical Group on Urban Housing Shortage (2012-17) constituted by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation (MoHUPA), there is a shortage … More How to put affordable housing In Patna in the fast lane