A story is very famous in Patna real estate circles about affordable housing. A state government in India (no one narrating the story ever confirms the name of the state) magnanimously built Lower Income Group (LIG) apartments for squatters who made a living by milking buffaloes and selling the milk to the neighborhood. The flats … More AFFORDABLE HOUSING IN PATNA:- A STORY OF DESIGN


Real estate analysts and developers in Patna believe that if the government takes the initiative to remove the roadblocks, as discussed in an earlier article on this Blog, the affordable housing segment in Patna could move to the fast track. Realtors in Patna say that if infrastructure is developed outside the city limits, then the … More AFFORDABLE HOUSING IN PATNA:-The Way Ahead

Affordable Housing in Patna: – Roadblocks

But there are several issues, related to affordable housing in Patna other than government. Take land itself, for instance. It is not easily available and the records are not properly maintained. This makes acquiring land a time-consuming, cumbersome and expensive process. The computerization of  land records in the state of Bihar is a welcome step, … More Affordable Housing in Patna: – Roadblocks


  BuysellrentPatna considers any dwelling unit in Patna below Rs.20, 00000 as affordable housing in Patna.There are other definitions, too. The ministries of housing and urban poverty alleviation (MHUPA) defines affordable housing for the middle-income group and below as one where the equated monthly installment (EMI) or rent does not exceed 30%-40% of a resident’s … More AFFORDABLE HOUSING IN PATNA:- 1

Investing In Pre-Launch Residential Project in Patna

While investing in housing in Patna one always ponders where pre launch residential projects are a better bet? The answer is both YES and NO. It depends on investors’ objective and risk appetite. Pre launch investment in housing in Patna would always exist because regardless of the state of the economy, associated market sentiments and … More Investing In Pre-Launch Residential Project in Patna